Mrs. Kveng Art: “Life is much easier than before and I have no more worries”

Kveng_ArtMy name is Kveng Art. I’m 40 years old. I live in Laern Chong village, O’chum district, Ratanakiri province. I have four children, three girls and one boy. They all go to school. The eldest (son) is in grade 11, the second (daughter) is in grade 10, the third is in grade 3 and the youngest is in grade 2.

Few years before 2014, I kept this land free due to the lack of production inputs and farming skills. Since 2014, I have started working on this farm again after I was introduced by Ockenden team a technical training on agriculture (organic crop production and farm management). In the first year 2014, my crops did not produce good yields yet, but this year they were much better because I received the support from the project, Ockenden and ETEA teams.

Now I earn much more income. Only during this month I have earned more than 500,000 Riels (150$), something that I never made before. I planted many kinds of vegetables such as chinses radish, Spinach, Morning glory, lettuce, long bean, cucumber, garlic, chilies etc. Last year I planted only spinach, cucumbers, long bean, but so not much, only a few vegetables.

This year, I grow more vegetables, because it’s not difficult to find the market for the production. I can sell all my vegetables easily, because they are organic vegetables. Everyone now realizes that organic vegetables are good for their diets and health, so the demand for the organic vegetables is increasing. Some people spent 10,000Riels ($2.5) each on buying my vegetables.

Sometimes, I do not need to travel to sell my vegetables to the retailed shops or customers at the market in Banlung, because I just sell all my production at my farm gate.

In fact, I do not have a store/shop at any market. I just bring my vegetables to sell to some retailed shops or any buyers at the market. But so far, I have made regular customers –individual buyers and retailed shop owners. Sometimes, when arriving late at the market (from 8-9 AM), I found them there waiting to buy my vegetables.

Now I make more income from my farm. I can feed my family and support all my children to school. Every day, I give each of my children around 1,000 Riels ($0.25) to go to school. Besides this, I spend part of the income on daily family food consumption.

Life is much easier than before and I have no more worries. Many thanks to donors.

Post written by Phal Chansathya, ETEA Foundation, and edited by Mr. Thor Savoeun, Ockenden Cambodia.


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