Ms. Klot Sim: “I learnt some kinds of simple techniques but they are very effective”.

Traditional village-level chicken raising is carried out by almost all rural families as a common livelihood option in Cambodia, particularly among the IP communities in Ratanakiri province.

Ms. Klot Sim, 57, is a widow headed household, lives with two children (one son and one daughter), aged 16 and 19, in O’kan village, Chey Udom Commune, Lum Phat district. She owns 1 Ha of rice land and a housing area (size:80m x 48m). Beside rice and vegetable production, she raises some poultry to complement their family livelihoods.

I used to raise chicken by a traditional free range with little care and no prevention of the stock and most often, chickens became infected and spread of diseases with a high rate of death. I rarely supplied additional feeds to the animals because I was so busy with other issues. As a result, my chicken rearing was unable to bring either income or meat to my family”, said Ms. Klot.

Ms. Klot Sim was then selected along with other villagers to attend a training course on poultry rearing techniques conducted by Ockenden and ETEA Foundacion in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Agriculture and funding by “laCaixa” Foundation.

According to Ms. Klot, “after receiving the training, I built my chicken house (size: 3.5m x3m) following the techniques. Besides, I received 9 hens and 1 rooster from the project in September 2016 and started raising them. In fact, I have adjusted some of my existing rearing skills by keeping hygiene of chicken house clean inside and outside, undertaking regular feed mixing practice (rice bran, vegetable, corn from her farm and add some minerals) to improve feeding diets for the animals. I also use a kind of medicine dissolved in water for my chicken to drink to prevent diseases. I recently made around 300,000 Riel ($75) from selling some of my chickens to my peer villagers and I now still own 43 chickens in total. I am so happy as I learnt some kinds of simple techniques but they are very effective”.


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