Mrs. Kveng Art: “Life is much easier than before and I have no more worries”

Kveng_ArtMy name is Kveng Art. I’m 40 years old. I live in Laern Chong village, O’chum district, Ratanakiri province. I have four children, three girls and one boy. They all go to school. The eldest (son) is in grade 11, the second (daughter) is in grade 10, the third is in grade 3 and the youngest is in grade 2.

Few years before 2014, I kept this land free due to the lack of production inputs and farming skills. Since 2014, I have started working on this farm again after I was introduced by Ockenden team a technical training on agriculture (organic crop production and farm management). In the first year 2014, my crops did not produce good yields yet, but this year they were much better because I received the support from the project, Ockenden and ETEA teams.

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Effective Learning about managing small grants. The case of Phnom Krauch Community Forestry

Phnom Krauch Community Forestry was established in 2005 with support from Ockenden and its NGO partner, in collaboration with Ratanakiri Forestry Administration Cantonment. Since then, there have been 235 indigenous members (87 women) -whose livelihoods depend mainly on forest products and subsistent farming (rice, cassava, soybean, vegetable and animal production)- who have participated in the Community Forestry to protect their natural forests of 178 ha. The Community Forestry members have fought a long battle against a rapid wide spread of deforestation / illegal logging and land encroachment by the rich, powerful people and private companies so far.

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Employees from CaixaBank collaborate in our project in Cambodia

visita voluntariasNuria Montolio and Beatriz Loreto Aranda, employees of CaixaBank, have made a stay of over two weeks in Cambodia through the Corporate Volunteer Programme of the banking entity.

The volunteers had the opportunity to visit the project Strengthening Farmers and Community Based Organization (CBOs) for rural development in Ratanakiri Province of Cambodia, implemented by Fundación ETEA and Ockenden Cambodia with funding from “laCaixa” Foundation. During their stay, the volunteers supported the technical team of the project to improve management processes and collaborated by training beneficiaries from several rural communities in developing business plans.

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Trade Fair to promote indigenous products and culture

Ockenden Cambodia team in Ratanakiri province participated from 23-25 January 2015 in the provincial NGO trade fair, co-organized by the Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and ANNADYA NGO operated in the province.

Ockenden facilitated to bring about 25 key community representatives (15 women) from CBOs in two target districts- Lum Phat and O’Chum to participate in the event and brought agricultural produce and indigenous handicraft products from their communities to present and sell at the event.

At the official start of the event, the Provincial Director of the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the government gave his opening speech to welcome all participants in the event. The participants included indigenous community representatives, government officials and NGOs representatives and public. He stressed the important promotion of agricultural produce, products and culture of indigenous people and encouraged the indigenous producers to produce to meet the demands of the markets both quality and quantities. Continue reading